10 reasons shutters are great

10 reasons shutters are great

If you?re looking to add some new window coverings to your home in the Bay Area, here are 10 reasons shutters are a great fit.

1. They?re stylish and versatile

Window shutters are extremely versatile and can look modern, transitional or traditional depending on how and where you use them. The ultimate multitasking window-treatment styles range from real wood and hybrid shutters to UV-resistant shutters that are guaranteed to withstand extreme heat, humidity and high-traffic areas.

2. Shutters match any d?cor

A large selection of stain and paint choices in white, gray, taupe, brown and black means you?ll find the perfect shutters to match your d?cor, whether your home is contemporary, Art Deco or a 50s ranch.

3. You can create custom looks

With a variety of louver sizes, you can create many different looks with shutters. Smaller louvers are often better for smaller windows and look more traditional, while larger louvers work best for larger windows and have the added advantages of providing more view-through and a sleek look.

4. You can choose what?s best for you

Available in hardwood, a composite or a UV-resistant compound, the wide range of shutter materials makes it easy to choose the look and function that works best for your home. In humid areas (bathrooms, kitchens or beachy climates), you might choose a composite shutter that is waterproof, can be scrubbed with soap and won?t warp.

5. Shutters are safe for kids and pets

Because they are cordless, shutters are a great option for kids? rooms, and they?re safe for pets too. Shutters are durable enough to stand up to hours of play, and they?re easy to clean with a light vacuum or a damp cloth. The sturdy as well and you will not have to worry about your kids yanking them off the wall either.

6. You can choose your level of privacy

Create different levels of privacy within a single shutter panel. Here, the upper half of the shutter stays open to bring in natural light while the lower half of the shutter closes for privacy, which makes shutters a great choice for bathrooms and bedrooms.

7. They?re perfect for shaped windows

Odd-shaped windows (from arches and angles to hexagons) are perfect candidates for shutters. Custom shutters can fit almost any window size or shape.

8. Shutters can increase a home?s resale value

Custom wood shutters in rich tones look like custom cabinetry for your windows. (Did you know that quality window treatments like shutters can actually increase your home?s resale value?) They?re also very durable and provide great energy efficiency.

9. They?re great for sliding or french doors

It can be difficult to choose window treatments for doors, but shutters offer multiple ways to make a statement with standard sliding or French doors. There are two operating systems that work well for these types of treatments?the Bi-Fold Track System that enables the panels to fold like a fan when opened, and the Bypass Track System that allows for the shutters to slide past each other, so you can enjoy a full view.

10. They protect from harmful UV rays

Shutters prevent furniture, flooring and artwork from fading with 99% protection from harmful UV rays when the louvers are closed. And as an added bonus, shutters provide sound absorption.