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Carpet floors have so much to offer

When it comes to carpet, you have more options than you might think. In addition to beautiful visuals and some of the plushest fibers available, you'll have other options that add beauty and benefit to various rooms. You even have plenty of options for spaces that are highly traveled, especially with pets and children.

Carpeting for all your needs

One of the things homeowners worry about most when considering carpet floors is their level of durability. The good news is that these floors can work to protect against permanent stains, dinginess, and so much more. Ask about brands that include built-in stain protection at the manufacturer's point to get the absolute best performance possible, even with pets in the home.

Décor matching is also an essential element for homeowners who have an existing interior design in place. This flooring line offers solid colors, patterns, textures, and various fiber options to help create a look you'll be pleased with for years to come. Choose a neutral base tone to allow your décor to take center-stage or pick bold designs for a focal point everyone will love.

Daily cleaning is vital to keep these floors looking their best and can usually be accomplished with a vacuum and as-needed spot cleaning. However, professional cleaning is one of the best ways to remove dirt, grime, and odor-causing bacteria that can get ground down into the fibers. Professional services should be performed every twelve to eighteen months for homes with regular traffic, more often for high-traffic spaces, and less-often for rooms with little to no traffic.

The installation process can take some time, but it's well worth it. Experience and special tools are required for an excellent installation, and you'll love the results. To find out more, or to see some options for yourself, be sure to give us a call .

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A Saberi Interiors offers extensive materials and all the services that help turn them into your dream flooring with ease. Our associates are experienced, trained, and work hard to ensure you get the best possible service and experience overall. As a family-owned business with more than 20 years in flooring, you can trust us.

If you are in the San Carlos, CA, Belmont, CA, Redwood City, CA, Foster City, CA, or San Mateo, CA areas, we invite you to call for a visit from our showroom, located in San Carlos, CA. You're sure to find a floor covering that genuinely meets your requirements and preferences, no matter your project size. We look forward to providing you with top-quality carpeting.