4 Bay Area home improvement tips

4 Bay Area home improvement tips

Whether you?re planning to live in your home for years or are getting ready to put it on the market? we have some spectacular home improvement ideas, especially for Bay Area homeowners. These tips work regardless if you have a single-family home, townhome, or condo. We?re going to highlight some top upgrades for the kitchen and bathroom, plus the advantages of adding new flooring and window coverings.??

Of course, we?re all aware of what an entire kitchen and bathroom renovation can do. But, what about upgrading a few key areas? Also, new flooring and window coverings can make a substantial difference, yet be quite affordable. Read on to see our top four tips of upgrades you can make quickly that will last for years.?

Bay Area home remodeling tips for the kitchen

Rather than gutting your kitchen and doing an entire remodel that could cost thousands of dollars and take months ? consider a few critical updates.?

Kitchen flooring?? you?ll need waterproof flooring that?s also extra durable since this is one of the highest-traffic rooms. A wonderful choice is vinyl plank flooring or LVT (luxury vinyl tile) because it gives you the look and feel of hardwood, but is waterproof and half the cost.??

New countertops? ? if you have a dated countertop or one that?s seen better days, think about having new countertops installed. Popular choices are classic marble, durable man-made quartz, or indestructible granite. They all have their pros and cons, so it?s essential to choose a material that goes with your lifestyle.

Modern sink?? along with the new countertop, have a new sink installed. The farmhouse kitchen sink is a top choice for both designers and homeowners. These beautiful sinks are big enough for pots and pans, and with an apron front, they?re an upgrade that makes an impression. And they come in all different colors. If you?ve been using a smaller sink, you?ll fall in love with the farmhouse style.?

Painting kitchen cabinets?? if your cabinets are in good repair but you don?t like the color, an easy fix is to paint them. It?s best to find an experienced painting contractor that specializes in cabinets. Make sure they use extra durable paint especially for cabinets. If you have an island or overhead cabinets, you don?t have to have everything the same color. The upper cabinets can be a different color or hue. The same goes for the island.?

New flooring can transform your home

The beautiful thing about new flooring is the way it can change the look of your entire home. And, there are so many options that you can mix and match depending upon the room. Carpeting can be desirable in some areas that you want extra warmth. Except for the bath and kitchen, you could have your entire home in hardwood ? a classic favorite that never goes out of style. You have a lot to choose from, and we?re available to go over your choices in person or?virtually. The other advantage of having new flooring is increased sound-proofing, especially in family rooms, game rooms, and in-home gyms. For stairs that you?d like carpeting on, having extra thick padding makes a significant difference by cutting down any noise, especially if you have children running up and down the stairs.?

Bay Area home remodeling tips for the bathroom

Consider the importance of tubs and showers. In the main bathroom, guest bath, or master, the tub and shower are the focal points. Adding a new one can upgrade your entire bathroom and change the look from boring to show-stopping.?

Enhance the look of any bathroom by installing a custom shower and deep soak tub. For the shower, make a statement with stunning tiles that compliments the flooring. And for the tub, we suggest a deep soak tub. They come with or without jets. You?ll find them in many designs and colors. Choose your tiles, tubs, flooring, and fixtures to complement your design, whether modern, classic, or eclectic. In more traditional style homes, porcelain clawfoot tubs look beautiful and will remain popular for years to come.?

Stunning shutters and window coverings

What ties everything together in a room? The window coverings. Whether you want blinds, shades, or shutters, the perfect choice can turn an unfinished room into a cohesive design that impresses family and friends. Some of the most popular options are:?

  • Wood shutters ? classic and never out of style
  • Roman shades ? a favorite of designers
  • Roller shades ? modern and crisp

The correct selection will enhance the design and lighting. Plus, window coverings can make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable. Let us know if you?d like a free consultation on window covering options.We hope you?ve enjoyed these four easy Bay Area home improvement tips. And when you?re getting ready to remodel,?we?re here to help.?If you?d like to take advantage of our virtual consultations,?contact us here?or call us at (650) 773-7823.