5 things to consider when choosing laminate flooring

5 things to consider when choosing laminate flooring

As a property manager, choosing the right flooring for your income property is not always easy. It?s no secret that your rental can take a beating. Pets scratching up the floor, unruly tenants, delayed reporting of maintenance issues, etc etc.

Naturally, you want a floor that looks great, stands the test of time, and that doesn?t need to be replaced with every tenant turn.

Here are 5 things to consider when considering laminate flooring for your rental:

More economical

Laminate flooring is oftentimes a more economical option than other flooring you might be considering. You?ll get the look and feel of having a hardwood floor without the cost. Our laminates are highly fashionable, with beveled edges, modern grains and our selections resemble wide plank french oak selections. Laminate flooring is made from composite wood that is pressed together at high temperatures. The image of the hardwood is then placed?onto the wood core of the plank, forming the finished product that you see, and nowadays, it?s hard to tell that it?s not a hardwood floor! You can check out some of the laminate options that?we offer here.

Superior scratch resistance

Another thing to consider, especially if you?ve got children or pets, is that laminate planks are very good when it comes to resisting scratches. This does not mean that they are scratch PROOF, but they are the most scratch-resistant plank in their product category. You?ll still want to make sure to use protective pads under furniture and perhaps place rugs in high-traffic areas.

Scratching rarely occurs, and there are a number of third-party scratch repair kits that you?can buy online, or you can simply replace the plank with a new one. As a measure of precaution, we always make sure to add an overage to our jobs to ensure that there are replacement planks should the need for one arise.

Water resistant

Laminate floors will resist water damage from everyday spills when removed promptly. Our laminates are even rated for steam mopping, which goes to show you how far advanced laminate technology is presently.?Laminate manufacturers are making big strides when it comes to joint locking integrity, so though they are not waterproof, laminates are enjoying greater water resistance than ever before.

It is also imperative that proper sub-floor preparation is completed prior to installation. Which is why all installations should be handled by a reputable flooring professional who knows what they are doing. For example, it is assumed that a moisture test is conducted in concrete subfloors to ensure that excessive moisture is not prevalent and that a suitable underlayment may be used. Not using a suitable underlayment with the appropriate moisture barrier can end in disaster, and oftentimes, void the warranty that the laminate manufacturer offers.

Quick to install

Laminate planks have a click-and-lock system making them quicker than nail/glue down hardwood to install. Unless you are using pre-finished hardwood flooring, the installation process for hardwood floors can be much longer, since you have to install the hardwood floor, sand it, stain it, seal it, etc. Laminate, on the other hand, doesn?t require this process and can provide a similar look and feel but in a much shorter time frame, making it perfect for the quick turnaround time that property managers/realtors and home stagers are looking for.

Respond well to direct sunlight

Laminate planks also perform well under direct light. The laminate products that we use at A Saberi Interiors, for example, do not fade due to sun or electrical light.

So this is something to keep in mind when weighing potential flooring options for your rental. Is the room exposed to constant sunlight? Many vinyl planks, for instance, are waterproof, but direct sunlight acts as kryptonite and will cause planks to warp and expand. And if there are a great deal of windows, check out some of the window covering options we offer by?clicking here.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when choosing flooring for your rental, and rest assured that laminate will hold up well to direct sunlight without warping or fading.

The bottom line?

Laminate floors provide a great wide plank wood look in an inexpensive, durable, scratch-resistant and low maintenance format. They are easy to install, easy to clean, and last for years to come.

Looking to find the perfect laminate floorboards for your home? A Saberi Interiors is here to help!?Contact us?today to find out more about our fantastic laminate floor options and consult on the needs of your project.