Considering roller shades? Check out these 5 tips.

Considering roller shades? Check out these 5 tips.

If you just bought a home on the peninsula in the Bay Area, or you?re looking to get new window treatments for your home, roller shades are a great option.

Here are five reasons roller shades could be your best choice for window treatments.

#1 Roller shades are highly customizable

Let?s start with fabric choices. When it comes to selecting the fabric for your roller shades, there are many options like light filtering, blackout, and then the fully customizable solar shades. Here?s a bit more information.

Light filtering fabric?? is a material that you cannot see-through, so it still gives you privacy and lets some light in at the same time. Light filtering fabric is great for the common areas in your home where you want a balance of privacy and light control.

Blackout fabrics?? on the other hand, are just as they sound. They give you complete privacy and block out all of the light as well. Many of our customers will use a blackout fabric in their bedrooms (this can be especially important if you have kids that need to sleep during the day!). This material is also perfect for media rooms.

You can also get the same fabric (with different amounts of light reduction) for both your light filtering and blackout shades, which is essential if you are looking to tie your home together and keep things consistent from room to room.

Beyond the basic light filtering and blackout materials, you can get more granular by using Solar shades. Solar shades let you select the opaqueness of the fabric. For example, you can get a fabric with a 1% weave if you want very little light and high privacy, or something sheerer like 3% or 5%. Many people like the ability to be able to fully customize their shades while keeping a cohesive look.

One thing to keep in mind with solar shades is the amount of outdoors you can see during the day, others can see the same amount into your home during the night, so if you need night-time privacy, these wouldn?t be the right choice.

#2 Roller shades have different headrail treatments

With roller shades, you have several options when it comes to how you want to treat covering up or exposing the headrail. We suggest keeping the headrail either covered or uncovered in all your rooms.

Here is an example of a roller shade with exposed headrails. This has become quite popular lately because it is considered a cleaner and more modern look. If you are trying to go for a more modern look then this might be for you.?

If you want something more decorative, here is an example of a roller shade with a fabric wrapped cassette valance.

#3 Roller shades have big benefits for large windows

Have you ever tried to raise heavy blinds on a big window? It can be hard not only on your arm but also on the cords. A better option is roller shades, which are lighter and easier to raise and lower, especially if you have motorized or cordless controls.

Roller shades are also great for big sliding doors. These can be a challenge for folks because the size of the slider typically limits the type of window covering that you can use, but roller shades are a great option because you can cover the entire slider without needing to split the shades or blinds because of maximum width limitations.?

#4 Helpful control options for roller shades

One of the cool things with roller shades is that you have multiple options on how to control them.

Some of the most popular options are having them motorized or cordless. Motorization offers that ultimate show stopper. And cordless controls have the extra advantage of being child safe.

#5 Inside/outside roller shades cut heat

Another cool thing is that you can install roller shades inside OR outside. So, if you have a room that gets intense heat and is almost unusable during the summer, you?ll love outside roller shades. They can bring down the temperature in the room by several degrees.

We hope you?ve found this information about roller shades helpful. And when you?re getting ready to remodel, we?re here to help. If you?d like to take advantage of our virtual consultations,?contact us here?or call us at?(650) 773-7823.