How To Make Your Hardwood Floors Lighter

If you?re curious about how to make your hardwood floors lighter, you might be looking at a really easy fix. We sand and refinish many hardwood floors on the peninsula and in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we?ve seen most, if not all, of the different scenarios that hardwood floors present.

Most hardwood floors on The Peninsula are old school. They are typically red oak and have an oil based polyurethane finish on them with no stain.

Here?s a picture of a hardwood floor that?s common on The Peninsula. This is a ? inch thick tongue and groove red oak hardwood floor that had an oil based finish applied to it.

The floor was in pretty good shape even though they hadn?t done any refinishing to it since they installed it, but inevitably, they wanted to make it lighter.

We spent a couple days sanding it and then coated it with a water based polyurethane finish from Bona.

And here?s what the floor looked like after we were finished.

You can see from the picture that it?s a pretty dramatic change ?and all from just changing the finish from oil to water based.

Many people that have hardwood floors don?t realize that they can change the look of their floor in such a dramatic way. It?s not uncommon for people to initially want to change their floor entirely, with a new product like LVT or laminate, because they don?t know that they can sand and refinish their hardwood floor to produce such a change.

That?s why we?re always such big fans of telling people to keep their hardwood floors and refinish them rather than installing an entire new floor. If taken care of, they?ll last a lifetime.

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