Is solid hardwood flooring for me?

Is solid hardwood flooring for me?

You?ll never go wrong with wood flooring! It's known for its natural beauty and countless benefits, of which you might not even be aware.

These floors work well with any style, from modern to country and traditional to beach-themed. In addition, they are available in two versions: solid and engineered.

Here, we'll explain why solid may be right for you.

Solid's on-site finishing: consider it a work of art

Solid can be either finished on-site or in the factory.

When the solid hardwood flooring is finished on-site, you'll have a more extensive selection of colors. This will give you more control and creativity over sheen and color.

In its unfinished form, wood will have some color variations between planks. Solid's always sanded before the stain, so they're consistent.

It is refinished as many times as you want

While both versions can be refinished, the number of times depends on thickness. Solid is usually ?-inch thick and can be sanded multiple times.

A beautiful installation

Solid is installed with the traditional tongue and groove/nail down. As the experts in our hardwood flooring company will explain, this type of installation is meant to enhance the wood?s beauty.

Each plank has a protrusion (tongue) and a slat (groove). This joins the planks together and creates very tight seams.

The result is a smooth, attractive installation. In addition, the tight seams also prevent plank movement.

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