Three things trending in hardwood flooring

Three things trending in hardwood flooring

Wood flooring is a fantastic choice for every room in your home, based on your chosen option picks. You'll find something for every decor matching need, making them even more appealing.

If you've never had hardwood in your home, this is a great time to learn more about it. You might find your every need met from the characteristics and trends you see here.

Consider today's trending features

Light stain colors are a popular trend for homes, with options like honey, blonde, and copper. You can't go wrong with a trend like this, especially with varied decor choices.

Whitewashed solid hardwood flooring colors are also trending, muting wood tones for a more modern look. It's also perfect for beachy settings and rustic farmhouse looks.

Wide planks are trending, too, especially with a rustic, textured finish. They enhance the modern feel and the authenticity of the more vintage look.

Don't overlook the added impact you'll get from chevron and herringbone installation layouts. These create the illusion of more space, especially in smaller areas of your home.

Taking advantage of all the hardwood has to offer

With professional installation, you'll see wood flooring can last more than 100 years. Check out any historic building; you may see wood floors as old as 200 years!

With a long lifespan, you can save tons of money over time. And you'll enjoy the visuals that trend in any decor atmosphere.

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